How to Help Birds

If you think a bird or animal is injured…

If you find a wild animal in distress, orphaned, or in an unusual location, contact the Milwaukee-based Wildlife Wing of the Wisconsin Humane Society by clicking on the link below. The site has their phone number, the phone numbers of rehabbers outside of Milwaukee County, as well as PDFs that explain common wildlife concerns.

If birds collide into windows at home or work…

From the American Bird Conservancy’s Web Site: “Up to a billion birds die in collisions with glass each year in the United States. Although most people have seen or heard a bird hit a window, they often believe it is an unusual event. Add up all those deaths and the number is staggering. Both common and rare bird species hit windows. According to a 2014 study, species commonly reported in glass collisions include White-throated Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are frequent victims, along with Wood Thrush and other species of conservation concern.” Go to this page to learn more about how to deter birds from colliding into windows:

If there are outdoor cats in your area…

Cats kill thousands– if not millions–of birds each year. Cats are wonderful, curious, playful creatures, but, due to their natural prey drive, they wreak havoc on bird populations. It may be hard to believe as most of us don’t see cats killing birds on a daily basis, but the facts speak for themselves. Please keep your cats indoors or in a catio (monitored, enclosed outdoor area for cats). It is safer for the cats, too, as they can be hit by cars, attacked by larger predators, or eat something toxic as they meander through man-made environments. Here are some suggestions to entertain your cat without letting it roam:

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