Recent Bird Sightings

Blue Grosbeak Present in Ozaukee County since July 24th!

An Ozaukee County birder found this beautiful male Blue Grosbeak at Spirit Lake on July 24th. Since then, birders have been visiting the site and daily, and most successfully see (or at least hear) the bird. He likes to perch at the tops of trees while he sings, but sometimes he disappears for a half hour or so (according to many reports). This bird is not mature yet, which is why he shows so much cinnamon coloring on the breast. A few Blue Grosbeaks come to Spring Green Preserve each summer, but other than that, they’re rarely seen in Wisconsin. You can view their normal range here.

Location Milwaukee, WI Phone 414-467-6137 E-mail Hours Call or email any time. Allow 48-72 hours for a response.
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