WMAS Programs

Programs are held on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at Wehr Nature Center, 9701 W. College Avenue unless otherwise noted.

Currently, Wehr Nature Center suggests wearing masks, social distancing and other COVID-19 health precautions.
Visit https://friendsofwehr.org/visit/ for any updates.

If you need more information, contact WMAS President Jim Cieslak at 262-666-0931 or email cieslakjames3@gmail.com. In order to join us at these programs, please make sure we have your most recent email address.

Upcoming Programs

Passion for Prairie Chickens
Presented by Suzanne Shicantek and Paul A. Smith

February 15, 2023 at 7 PM

We will hear from WMAS member, Suzanne Schicantek about her first hand experience with Prairie Chickens at the Buena Vista Grasslands near Stevens Point.  Her point of view is that of a nature advocate in a family of environmentalists and avid nature lovers and advocates. We believe in using all our senses and resources to learn about and advocate for all nature, especially passionate about Prairie Chickens.

We will be joined by Paul A. Smith from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who organized the Prairie Chicken trip with Suzanne.  Paul will explore the Prairie Chicken booming grounds and the updates to the WI DNR Greater Prairie Chicken plan that has been updated in 2022. We will hear about the Greater Prairie Chicken Festival scheduled for April 16, 2023 in Portage County, WI so visitors can view prairie chickens this year!

Nighttime Listening to Migrating Birds
Presented by Sam Corbo

March 15, 2023 at 7 PM

Sam Corbo will present findings and next steps about listening to nighttime migratory birds. Sam created the Sam Corbo NFC recording station that listens to migrating birds at night.

Sam will discuss how he has built his yard list, by simply listening to what’s flying overhead. Over the last two years, he has been monitoring overhead migration from his Shorewood rooftop- while he anticipated some surprises, he’s been pretty surprised at the results. Check out his station’s eBird profile: https://ebird.org/profile/MjM0NjE3OQ/US-WI-079

He hopes to not only share the excitement of what has been a bit of an adventure, but also provide a tutorial to show attendees how they may be able to uncover what birds are utilizing their home “space” throughout the year.

Sam has been a birder for over 30 years, first opening up a field guide at the age of 5. Originally from Cincinnati, he’s now on his second tour of Milwaukee, moving back in 2018. He now focuses most of his birding time at his nearby local patches, and is increasingly interested in what bids are sharing his neighborhood (pretty easy to do when that includes Lake Park, Estabrook Park, and Havenwoods SF). These days, he’s best identified in the field by the baby strapped to his chest, as his son Wyatt, who turns 1 in February, has been a nearly constant companion in the field. He is, at best, a hobby birdwatcher and, while he has learned a lot over the past two years, had no audio recording experience when he started. He hopes that the trials and tribulations from his amateur perspective might encourage others to take a swing at what has ultimately been a very rewarding experience

Birds of Chiwaukee Prairie
Presented by Dana Garrigan, Board member of Chiwaukee Prairie Preservation Fund
and Associate Professor of Biology, Carthage College

April 19, 2023 at 7 PM

Carthage College biology professor and nature photographer Dr. Dana Garrigan will introduce you to some of the bird species present in Chiwaukee Prairie in southeastern Kenosha County. You’ll see engaging photos of both common and less familiar species and have a chance to learn about the biology, behavior, and conservation of birds in this incredibly diverse remnant prairie. The presentation is suitable for all ages.

Ongoing Programs

Gardening for the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

You Maybe you are just tired of mowing all that grass, and want something that can take its place and take care of itself? Is there a garden you want to change, expand or begin? Are you looking to create your own backyard bird sanctuary or a small patch for butterflies? There are many options that can help create habitat for pollinators and birds. The native planting areas I have bring in so many interesting visitors, and require very little care. A FREE information packet we have created with the help of Wild Ones, can help you decide what you want to do. Please do something to help bring back the birds. For more information, please contact me at cieslakjames3@gmail.com

Location Milwaukee, WI Phone (262) 364-4319 E-mail cieslakjames3@gmail.com Hours Call or email any time. Allow 48-72 hours for a response.
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